Ashley McGraw believes that sustainable, equitable communities form the foundation of a future where humans thrive in harmony with the natural world. Our passion for beautiful, high performance building design is rooted in this conviction. We continually innovate and hone our craft in pursuit of this higher purpose.

Located in downtown Syracuse for over 30 years, Ashley McGraw Architects’ work represents a wide range of building types, including K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and community/civic buildings. Our staff is united by a higher purpose: design that works in harmony with nature. We look to create spaces where people can thrive today, while leaving an environment that can sustain us long into the future. It’s the pursuit of this challenge that keeps each of us attuned to the great promise – and the immense responsibility – of our work.

Our Passion


We believe that equitable, sustainable communities form the foundation of a future where humans thrive. Our passion for high performance building design is rooted in this conviction.

Our past and present work represents an intensive exploration of sustainable and regenerative design approaches including Net-Zero Energy, LEED Gold and Platinum, and Living Building Challenge. We balance deep building science and expansive visioning to create unique, deeply sustainable designs.


We strive for impactful, transformative work in all of our projects. Each project is looked at with the goal of making the buildings we work on healthier, more vibrant, more resilient and more beautiful. We create spaces where people work, learn, collaborate and are inspired.

We understand the many and varied demands our clients face on a day-to-day basis. We believe that holistic thinking and creativity can bring solutions that meet all these demands with beautiful, sustainable solutions.

Our Passion
Our Passion


We have a dedicated and talented staff of 39 professionals focused on architecture, interior design and planning. Our people bring deep expertise, creativity, and quality to each of our projects.

We foster a collaborative environment, both in our office and on our project teams. We find joy in the work we create and the relationships we build.