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APW Central School District / Media Center


Ashley McGraw completed a $34.8 million capital project that reconfigured Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Central School District's existing campus to better suit their evolving needs and enhance the District’s sustainability.

Accommodating a grade reconfiguration required significant additions and alterations to the buildings that became the Elementary School and Junior/Senior High School. At the Elementary School, sixteen new classrooms were constructed in two separate wing additions, and both the kitchen and cafeteria were expanded. At the Junior/Senior High School, eight classrooms were added, as well as a media center and a technology classroom.

The Media Center addition at the High School is expected to perform as a “net-zero energy” building — on an annual basis it will create as much energy as it consumes. Using the same strategies that we utilized at Liverpool Central School District, thermal masses are heated by the sun and the heat is released over time. Proper day-lighting is achieved by selectively opening the south and north sides of the addition, and baffles mitigate the glare from the south side. The ceiling is sloped to push day-light further into the back of the room, so the addition should use far less electricity for lighting than a typical building this size. The media center is ideally insulated, and is designed to be very air-tight so that less heat is lost or gained during times of extreme exterior temperatures. High-performance mechanical equipment further reduces the building’s energy consumption and there is a photovoltaic array on the roof to provide the remaining power necessary to reach net-zero.

The APW Elementary School classroom addition has been LEED Certified by the United States Green Building Council.

Photos by John Griebsch Photography

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