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Morrisville State College / Charlton Hall

Charlton Hall7

Charlton Hall is an almost 50 year old academic building which required complete renovation. Morrisville State College wished to consolidate the School of Business into Charlton, while maintaining campus-use classrooms and the Information Technology Services Department (ITS) in the building. The design team began with a programming and concept design phase that looked at the entire building. Due to funding, the project was to be built in two phases. The design team then provided complete design and construction administration services for Phase 1.

Phase 1 provided state of the art classrooms, faculty offices, IT infrastructure and the campus data center. The new design offers a variety of spaces and space sizes that encourage interaction and reinterpret the learning environment as continuous and not just in the classroom. On the exterior, a new, vertical stone plane highlights the entry with vertical lights that at night look like a moving graph, distinguishing Charlton Hall from other similar, adjacent buildings.

Photos by John Griebsch Photography

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