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Morrisville State College / Charlton Hall

Charlton Hall2

Charlton Hall, used as an academic building, is an almost 50 year old structure currently containing campus-use classrooms, the School of Business Administrative Suite, faculty offices and specialty CIT labs, School of Liberal Arts Department of Journalism labs and offices, and the Information Technology Services Department and Data Center for the campus.

When the building opened in 1964, it was used as a library, classroom, and science laboratory building. Due to the shift in use over the years, in much of the building there are untenable mismatches between program elements and available space. Morrisville State College intends to evaluate the School of Business consolidation in Charlton Hall for a more cohesive school, while maintaining campus-use classrooms and the Information Technology Serviced Department (ITS) in the building.

The total anticipated construction budget is under $20 million. Ashley McGraw has worked closely with the State University Construction Fund, Morrisville State College, and a multidisciplinary team of consultants to identify the programmatic and functional needs of the end-users and develop strategies to develop Charlton Hall into a premier School of Business for the College.

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