Liverpool CSD Administration Experiences Virtual Reality System

Mark Potter - Virtual Reality.jpg

On September 21, 2017, members of the Liverpool Central School District administration participated in a Virtual Reality walkthrough of the proposed renovations to Liverpool High School. The Virtual Reality (VR) system has been in integral component to not only client presentations, but also to our design process. 

While traditional client presentations with two-dimensional plans, elevations and renderings give the client a general understanding of space allocation and design intent, VR gives the client a way to feel the space before it is built. They can view and interact with each space from 1st person perspective, instead of from views that are pre-set by the design team. This allows the client to have a greater amount of understanding about the project and thus makes them a more integral part of the design process.

The ability to interact with the spacial components of a design prior to construction has had an immediate impact on our design process as well. We now have the ability to see how architectural, structural and mechanical components interface with each other by ‘standing’ in the space and viewing potential coordination issues from any perspective. It has made our teams more aware of how their designs are affecting all of the components that comprise a building, thus making them more intuitive designers.

On March 10, 2016, the Liverpool Central School District residents approved Phase Three of the Long-Range Facility Plan. The components of the capital referendum include renovations and improvements to three LCSD buildings - Liverpool High School, the Transportation Center and the former Wetzel Road Elementary. The total cost of the proposed project is an estimated $39.5 million.

Derek Goodroe