Broderick and Schuster Present at SUNY/PPAA and NYAPPA Summer Conference

Matt Broderick, Principal, and Nicole Schuster, Project Architect, presented at the 2016 SUNY/PPAA and NYAPPA Sumer Conference on August 4, 2016. Joined by William Bishop of Pathfinder Engineers, they presented “Energy and Daylight Modeling: Key tools for ensuring that new facilities operate cost-effectively in an era of shrinking budgets.”

Better design approaches and improved technologies allow us to achieve unprecedented levels of performance for our new and renovated facilities, including Net-Zero and Net-Positive Energy Buildings. In a time of shrinking budgets and high competition, the savings generated by these approaches can be critical to the long term health of college campuses. Ensuring that our high performing buildings are cost effective to build and perform as expected requires careful use of modeling tools, especially for energy and daylighting, by both architects and engineers. And what tools we use, and how we use them, changes throughout the design process. This presentation will lay out a comprehensive approach to modeling that can help all of us achieve our project energy goals. An experienced team of architects, engineers and modelers will describe their past approaches, lessons learned and ongoing efforts to reshape our design process for maximum value.

Joe Sisko