Andrew Schuster Discusses the Future of Sustainable Office Buildings with CNN

Sustainable Energy Fund.jpg

Principal Andrew Schuster recently had the opportunity to discuss the future of work and whether sustainable office buildings is a new trend in company buildings and interior design with CNN. In the article, "How Office Buildings are Reducing their Carbon Footprint," Andrew provides the example of the Sustainable Energy Fund's new 15,000 square foot (sf) office building in Schnecksville, PA. The new office building, currently in-design, will be a net zero energy building. The goal is to have the building generate all of the energy it needs on an annual basis using photovoltaic (PV) panels all contained within the roof area of the building. In addition to the zero energy goal, SEF would like the building to prove that zero energy can be commercially viable and is feasible for other building owners to pursue.

Andrew said, "The goal of that project is to test the feasibility of doing a net zero energy office building at the typical construction rate. It's 15,000 square feet, but we're hoping that can scale to a much larger footprint."

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Derek Goodroe