McGraw, Ahn, and Angarano Present at 2016 NYS Green Building Conference

On Friday, April 15, 2016, Edward McGraw, Calvin Ahn, and Susanne Angarano presented “Quantitative and Qualitative Sustainability in a High Performance Building: The New MacArthur Elementary School” at the New York State Green Building Conference in Syracuse.

The presentation explored the collaborative and integrated design process that engaged the Binghamton City School Board, administration, faculty, staff, student and the entire community in developing five overarching visions for the new MacArthur Elementary School. These vision statements drove every decision during design and construction. A deeper look into the use of energy and daylight modeling to create an energy budget and select high performance systems for climate control, ventilation and lighting. The development of the site, the form of the building and the use of materials were driven by the philosophical underpinnings of the five overarching visions and the use of leading edge high performance and sustainable practices. The completed project reconnects a neighborhood, embraces the aspirations of the community, provides an exciting environment to deliver 21st century learning and is an example of high performance sustainability.

Joe Sisko