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Our Building Science working group has the knowledge and experience to perform safe and effective deep energy retrofits, giving you the peace of mind that your facilities will be more economically and environmentally efficient.

Many of the facilities we work with were built in a time of cheap, fossil-fuel based energy, making them costly to operate, costly to maintain, and costly for the environment. Our staff of Building Science Experts and Certified Passive House Consultants address each project with a deep understanding of performance, longevity, constructability, and beauty. We employ a series of analysis tools to support our efforts, including energy modeling, daylight modeling, and hydrothermal (WUFI) analysis. Based on our analysis we develop a set of recommendations specific to each building. Those may range from façade upgrades, to insulation improvements, to high-performance energy systems.


Staff Experts

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Selected Projects



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Energy Retrofit Thought Leadership

“Repurposing Mid-Century Campus Buildings for a New Generation,” SUNY/PPAA & NY APPA 2018 Summer Conference, Lake Placid, NY, 2018


Ashley McGraw was accepted to speak at the 2019 NYS Green Building Conference in April for “Repurposing Mid‐Century Buildings for a New Generation.”