School officials at Whitney Point realized that they needed to have a long-term vision to satisfy their future energy needs, and they asked Ashley McGraw to investigate alternative energy systems for inclusion in a larger renovation project. 

Whitney Point Central School District installed three solar energy systems: Primary School, 30 kW; Whitney Point High School, 50kW; and Tioughnioga Riverside Academy, 33 kW. Combined, the systems are expected to produce over 125,000 kWh of solar electricity per year. Whitney Point officials estimate the district will save $22,000 – about 10 percent – on its annual electricity costs. Over the 25 year lifetime of the solar panels, the District will save an estimated $920,000. In addition to the environmental and fiscal benefits, the solar energy system is also being integrated into classrooms at Whitney Point.


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Instructional spaces throughout the district were renovated and upgraded. The music and performance areas in each building received major redesigns and upgrades.

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Location: Whitney Point, CSD, NY
Photos: John Griebsch Photography

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