A renovation and large expansion that helps position Colgate as a premiere athletic institution. 

The project scope included the design of approximately 2,414 GSF for the expansion of the Colgate University football team locker room and converting an old bowling alley into the Athletic Academic Enhancement Center. The renovation of the football locker room was completed during the summer of 2017 and added 91 state-of-the-art lockers, a new audiovisual system, and team-logo displays. Housed at the location of the former bowling alley in the heart of Reid Athletic Center, the new academic center is three times larger than the old center and provides student-athletes with a state-of-the-art study space. Images and artifacts from each of Colgate’s 25 Division I sports are incorporated into the design. “We are going to be the premier academic institution that is going to compete at the highest level athletically,” President Brian W. Casey said. “That is what Colgate represents for this nation.”

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Location: Colgate University
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