A state of the art building renovation designed to encourage interaction between students, researches, and faculty. 

This project will upgrade and replace building systems and renovate spaces to enable the Cooke & Hochstetter Renovation Phase I to be a state of the art research facility for the graduate students, postdoc and faculty. The space requirements will primarily consist of labs, office space, meeting spaces and associated support spaces. The key project goals for this renovation includes the following: well position to have efficient labs on 5th floor and the rest of the building to last 40 years, design for change and growth with flexibility and repeatability, sophisticated system design with ‘simple’ interface and operation, and invest wisely by predicting the construction costs in local markets.


Energy performance and sustainable design are an integral part of the goals and design for the renovation.

We will engage in a design process that integrates the building design, energy performance and sustainable performance by looking at the operational energy impact of architectural design decisions and using efficient mechanical and electrical systems.

Design to encourage interaction is fundamental to the renovation of Cooke & Hochstetter.

This requires that a variety of collaborative spaces be distributed throughout the floor. These are spaces for formal and, in particular, informal interaction linking to the circulation schemes.




Location: Buffalo, NY
Renderings: Ashley McGraw Architects


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