Bringing together programs that were spread throughout the campus into one location.

The David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics brings together Syracuse University’s professional programs in Child and Family Studies, Health and Wellness, Marriage and Family Therapy, Nutrition Science and Dietetics, Social Work, and Sport Management in an environment of cross-disciplinary teaching, research, practice, and service. In addition to academic programs the new location includes administration, admissions and multiple student services functions.

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Food production is on display at the state of the art kitchen suite that resides behind the serving line.

Student services in the school are wide ranging. The Academic Advising suite contains space for 9 counselors, 2 record keepers, administrative and support staff, records and meeting space. This group offers a comprehensive set of support services including advising, retention, probation and financial aid. A Career Counseling department with 3 counselors offers services to a diverse group of students. The facility also includes an Information Technology suite.

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Cameras capture the activity of cooking from every angle.

The nutrition suite includes a 10 station teaching kitchen and an associated café. Lunch will be served daily in the café, allowing hands-on experience for the students at every stage of food planning, preparation and service. The cafeteria seats 50 and reservations are required for the high-demand facility. An efficient buffet line is built in where patrons pick up their food and take it to their table.  Additionally, wine and beer tasting takes place in a lecture hall setting adjacent to the wine storage and tasting room. Diagonal wine racks line the walls creating a space that is surrounded by wine.

The experimental kitchen features a cooking kitchen at the front of a 50 seat lecture hall. Cameras capture the activity of cooking from every angle, images are projected on 3 large TV screens above the counter, giving the audience multiple perspectives of the activity at hand and providing the possibility of recording or broadcasting.

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The new Falk College home on the Western edge of campus is an identifiable, inclusive, vibrant and exciting location for the schools that make up the Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics. This new home will serve as a symbol of pride to students, faculty and staff. The base project was designed to serve their needs currently and anticipate, as much as possible, their future needs too. The new Atrium is an aspiration that would serve as the crowning jewel from a campus perspective, should it be funded. It would be able to announce publicly the dynamism and engagement that is taking place within the building.

Location: Syracuse, Ny
Photos: John Griebsch Photography

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