The athletic department recognized the need for a new football strength and conditioning training facility to free up the existing weight room for other athletic teams and to help with football recruiting efforts.

This weight room is a living showcase full of life and activity. Now part of a grand entry sequence to the Football Hall of Fame, this facility defines the exterior space and heightens one’s experience when approaching the football wing. From the main approach to the football wing, the weight room appears solid and monolithic with its precast walls. Once at the weight room, the north and south walls open up with full height window walls. This affords spectacular views into the facility, showcasing the latest weight and aerobic equipment. The neutral building palette of steel, aluminum, grey and white is an appropriate background for the orange, blue, and chrome weight equipment. 

The technical nature of the weight equipment is expressed in the exposed structure of the building with high-end, specialized steel members and connections, exposed high-end acoustic deck and ductwork. As the weight equipment is celebrated, so is the structure.

Syracuse University New Strength Training Facility1.jpg
Syracuse University New Strength Training Facility2.jpg
Syracuse University New Strength Training Facility3.jpg
Syracuse University New Strength Training Facility4.jpg
Syracuse University New Strength Training Facility5


Location: Syracuse University
Photos: John Griebsch Photography


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